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Interested in joining a new research lab at the University of Delaware?

We are looking for highly motivated and creative undergraduate, graduate students, and postdocs with a background in materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, or bioengineering to work on interdisciplinary research related to organic electronics. Research topics include, but are not limited to, photoredox catalysis, 3D printing, stimuli-responsive materials, sequence-defined polymers, sustainable electronics…

Graduate students: apply directly for a graduate program at the University of Delaware in Materials Science and Engineering or Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Postdocs: Highly independent and creative candidates should directly email Prof. Kayser at lkayser [at] with cover letter, CV, summary of previous research and future research interests, and contact information for two references. Experience in organic electronics is preferred but not required.

Undergraduate students: directly email Prof. Kayser at lkayser [at] with cover letter and CV.

The University of Delaware and the Kayser lab are committed to diversity in hiring; women and people from diverse cultures and backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Video Tour and Introductions

Laboratory Philosophy

Our goal is to create a collaborative, diverse, safe, and inclusive work environment to produce the best and most innovative science in soft organic electronics. We are committed to support your research goals and scientific training, and help you achieve your career objectives whatever they may be.

During you time in the Kayser lab you will develop both technical and “soft” skills.
Technical skills: catalysis, organometallic chemistry, air-free synthesis, polymer synthesis and characterization, microscopy, X-ray diffraction, electronic and biomedical device engineering.
Soft skills: scientific writing, oral and poster presentation, public outreach,  team/collaborative work, scientific integrity, mentoring, creative thinking.