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Graduate Students

Chun-Yuan Lo
Contact: cylo [at]
Chun-Yuan, a graduate student in Chemistry, got his MS in Chemistry in 2014 from National Taiwan University. He is working on controlling the properties of PEDOT:PSS by synthesizing precise PSS polymers and block copolymers to optimize mixed ionic-electronic conduction. Outside of the lab, he likes to play basketball and enjoys cooking and travelling.


Mandy Dan-My Nguyen
Contact: danmy [at]
Mandy, a graduate student in Chemistry, completed her B.A. in Chemistry from St. Olaf College in 2018. She is working on understanding the molecular mechanism for reversible crosslinking in redox active materials. She was a Studio Art major in her freshman year of college and finally graduated with a major in Chemistry and a concentration in Media Studies.


Vidhika Damani
Contact: vdamani [at]
Vidhika, a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering, got her BTech in Surface Coating Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India in 2019. Her project is based on synthesizing conductive materials with switchable mechanical properties for soft robotics. She is passionate about fine arts and dancing and enjoys learning new languages.


Ashlyn Cantrel
Contact: acantrel [at]
Ashlyn, a graduate student in Chemistry, got her BS in Chemistry from Moravian College, Bethlehem in 2019. She is working on photoelectropolymerizing conductive polymers to 3D print conductive hydrogels for neural tissue engineering. She is a skilled ballet dancer, having learnt the art form for 15 years. Ashlyn is a student under the Chemistry-Biology Interface program, and successfully completed her rotation with the Kayser Lab in January 2020.

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Elorm Awuyah
Contact: eawuyah [at]
Elorm Awuyah, a graduate student in Chemistry, got his B.A. in Chemistry and in the History of Science and Technology from the Johns Hopkins University in 2019. He is studying the properties of PEDOT:PSS by synthesizing PSS polymers and block copolymers from sulfonate monomers. He does not, in fact, play basketball, but he does like to work out and cook.